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Great Adventure Games for the Whole Family

computerkidsI had a discussion at work Marzahn-Hellersdorf the other day with a friend who had just finished the by game Violett on Steam. He was wondering what to Awesome play next.  The following is my answer to his question. These are great adventure games. Some are point and click, while others are more puzzle oriented.

My List of Great Adventure Games


Half Life 2 This could be considered more of a first person shooter, but the reality is that it has a great story, characters and puzzles.  It is still one of my favorites.
Broken Sword 1 Shadow of the Templars Great traditional point and click game that continued for 5 episodes.
Samorost One of my favorite flash games from the guys wholesale NFL jerseys that developed Machinarium.
Machinarium Excellent example of point and click adventure with excellent artwork.
République A game where stealth is more important than fighting.  The first episode can be downloaded for free.
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective This game took some liberties with the point and click interface with great results.  Excellent story also.
Drawn: Dark Flight The games cheap NBA jerseys have great visuals and are similar to hidden object games with adventure game elements.
The Tiny Bang Story Fun story with some incredible visuals. Reminded me of games like Machinarium.
Puzzle Agent 2 Unique puzzle game that focuses on the puzzles with quirky characters.
The Secret of Grisly Manor Short point and click game that plays well on the small IOS screen.
Monkey Island My favorite all time point and click adventure.  The new TellTale sequel is also good, but you can’t beat the original.
Sam & Max Hit the Road One of the funniest point and click adventure from the classic game company, Lucasgames.  TellTale also has a sequel if you liked the original.
Book of Unwritten Tales 1-2   Great point and click fantasy adventure.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons  An action cheap NBA jerseys adventure game with two brothers, each with unique abilities. This game looks great with beautiful scenery and plenty of interesting surprises.
Deponia  Interesting point and click adventure with several sequels.
The Inner World  Unique Accounting point and click adventure with a very interesting world and characters.
Psychonauts  Excellent, su action adventure about a camp of kids that can travel through the brain.
Grim Fandango  Lucasgames first 3D point and click adventure classic.
The Silent Age  One of the most interesting time travel adventure games.
Broken Age  Great two part game about two characters from different worlds.

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